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"Audubon: America's Greatest Naturalist And His Voyage Of Discovery To Labrador"

By Peter B Logan

The Birds of America. One man's dream to illustrate and publish a work depicting all the birds of North America. Midway through the nearly twelve-year project, the French-American painter and naturalist John James Audubon was beset by obstacles and began to doubt if he could complete it. This overlooked chapter in his life comes alive in this volume, as Audubon faces a difficult test while the fate of his "Great Work" hangs in the balance.

God Shall Wipe Away All Tears

By Colleen Curzon Openshaw

In God Shall Wipe Away All Tears, author and mother Colleen Curzon Openshaw shares her and her family's true-life experiences with illness and death.From blindness, cancer, Alzheimers and widowhood to happy times, church missions, and new love her story will pull at your heartstrings and strengthen faith. At once a chronicle of tragic loss and the struggle of parenthood, Colleens story contains beautiful and comforting messages from beyond the grave, and four decades of her and her family's journals, which will offer hope and encouragement to any who have experienced such loss.

Overcoming George

By Karl C. Schulz

Growing up in Southern California during the Depression within a dysfunctional family controlled by a domineering stepfather was difficult. Here are a few topics: 1. George often bragged: “I got my first piece of ass when I was ten.” 2. Mom thought that it was good for me to see my dead friend lying in a casket. Wrong! 3. I would search the house for mom’s bottles of wine. When I found one, I poured her precious fluid down the drain. 4. As Jennie drove the station wagon, George ran his right hand all the way up her dress. This was very humiliating to me. 5. Three of my childhood friends lost their lives. My dad and one uncle committed suicide. 6. George put the 1938 Oldsmobile in low gear and rammed the big, chrome plated bumper into the right side of the parked car to cave it in. 7. Mom said that she saw George having sex with one of the burros. 8. I just hoped that my arms held out so that I would not drop the whirling "buzz" saw and cause it to shatter. 9. When my car hit the moving train, I was ejected and as I rolled through the weeds I said to myself “you’re dead, Buz.” 10. I lined the wall of the thirty-two foot deep cesspool with loose bricks while never using any safety equipment. 11. As I turned the steering wheel of the Model A to the left, the car landed on its right side. One guy’s head went partially through the cloth roof. 12. We were thirty miles away from the first hydrogen bomb blast. The heat and shock waves were intense. 13. George shot himself in the heart. No one attended his funeral.

The Last of the Wildcatters; The Life and Times of Harvey Rhoads

By Tai Kreidler and H. Allen Anderson

On November 10, 2002, West Texas lost a real "luminario" in it's legendary petroleum industry-Harvey Buford Rhoads. A man of many hats-World War II Navy veteran, draftsman, oil scout, insurance agent, civic leader, independent oil producer, and philanthropist-Rhoads overcame various trials and adversities in order to succeed and stay ahead. This is his story.


15 Steps to Team Success

By Merahs Diab

This compressed, 15 step handbook is a concise, straightforward, technical manual with step by step, detailed instructions on how to improve teamwork, facilitate productivity, build trust, increase revenues and boost morale, no matter the size of your team or company. You will see results almost immediately.

Achieving Class A business Excellence – An Executive’s Perspective

By Dennis Groves, Kevin Herbert, and Jim Correll

Book for CEO, CFO, COO and senior management on how to achieve business excellence. Revenue and profit falling short of projections? Customer service unacceptable with customers threatening to walk? New product introductions late with product deficiencies, disappointing the marketplace? Inventories overflowing the warehouse, while fill rate plummets? Functional managers operating in silos, protecting only their turf... then this book is a must-read!

Balanced Scorecard Strategy For Dummies

By Charles Hannabarger, Frederick Buchman, Peter Economy

The Balanced Scorecard method is an analysis technique designed to translate an organization's mission and vision statement and overall business strategies into specific, quantifiable goals, and to monitor the organization's performance in achieving these goals. Much less technology driven then other analysis approaches, it analyzes an organization's overall performance in four regards: financial analysis, customer service, productivity and internal analysis, and employee growth and satisfaction. Balanced Scorecard Strategy For Dummies breaks down the basics of Balanced Scorecard in simple language with practical, Dummies-style guidance on getting it done. This book covers all the basics of Balanced Scorecard for busy executives and managers-and does it without the high price tag of most professional level Balanced Scorecard guides.

Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay

By Lester Wunderman

Lester Wunderman's Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay truly is both informative and entertaining. It combines an extraordinary personal history of "direct marketing" with a remarkably candid look at the field's most acclaimed practitioner. Written in an easy-going and deliberately persuasive style obviously honed during Wunderman's six decades in the trenches, the book shows his skill developing and gaining acceptance as he creates revolutionary advertising programs for future corporate stalwarts like the Columbia Record Club and American Express.

Healthy Company in a Sick Economy

By Nicole Laws and Merahs Diab

This interactive e-book is filled with valuable information and strategies on ways to reduce healthcare expenditure, prevent claims, and address common health issues that effect your company and your bottom line.

Marketing In A New Economy

By Merahs Diab and Carla Mena

Difficult economies trigger different buying needs they do not put a halt on the needs of buyers. Essentially what has changed is the amount of resources invested in self expression, not the desire to self-express. Ultimately the aim of any successful marketer is to achieve a long term relationship with their clients, develop brand awareness and generate brand loyalty. This book will show you how to appeal to today's consumers.


Naval Ceremonies, Customs, and Traditions, Sixth Edition

By Royal W. Connell & William P. Mack

First published in 1934, this book has enjoyed a reputation both as an authoritative guide to conduct in a contemporary maritime setting and a fascinating historical reference on the ways of the sea and sailor going back to the earliest days of sail. Now updated to cover all the sea services, this new edition fully reflects today's diverse force while at the same time exploring the maritime history of the United States, its flag, and the U.S. Navy's uniforms. A new chapter on naval ceremonies offers more details than ever on such events as award presentations and changes of command. A separate chapter on the popular "Dining In" ceremony explains its beginnings and evolution and tells how to plan and execute such an event. There is also greater coverage of Marine Corps and Coast Guard history and traditions. In addition to discussing the derivation of traditions and customs of the sea services, this latest update has been reorganized for ease of use by the professional seaman planning an upcoming event as well as the armchair sailor curious about the origins of naval customs and terms. It is the only up-to-date book on the subject available. 132 photographs. 6 x 9 inches.


A Teaching Heart

By Ethlyn Davis Fuller

A Notebook for Managing Classrooms, Experiencing Cultural Diversity For Effective Teaching and Developing Confident Parenting Skills. Classroom management, cultural diversity, and parenting are vitally important in teaching and learning. It is crucial to understand how effective classroom management can be maintained for students and teachers. The necessity of understanding and teaching cultural diversity that assist teachers and students in valuing individuals and groups creates a forum for acceptance and appreciation for those that are different and similar in ethnic orientation, religion, social, and economic status. Along with understanding classroom management and cultural diversity in the learning environment is addressing parenting concerns for parent and student relationships in families and schools. Parenting in America is always challenging, sometimes frustrating, often rewarding, and continuously experiencing new situations for coping in a world that is different from the one most of us grew up in as children.

A Very Special Gift

By Gennifer Lendahl-Gonzales

Most people think Down Syndrome is Down Syndrome and that's it or they know what the features are but don't really know what it is. In fact there is more than one type. This is a book about a mothers experience with Translocation Down Syndrome. It will make you laugh, cry and educate you on the challenges and blessings this syndrome brings.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: A Practical and Legal Guide for Nevada Caregivers

By Kim Boyer and Mary Shapiro

Individuals or families receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or brain damage from a stroke face daunting questions: how to provide for care when the patient can no longer manage his or her own affairs, how to protect their rights and property, where to go for help, and how to cope with the day-to-day challenges of fading memory and diminished cognition. Here is a comprehensive guide specifically for aging Nevadans and for family members, professional caregivers, and health care workers who help them.

An Introduction to the Principles of True Love

By Thaworn Rathananakintara MD, MSP

It is the consolidation of a life long pursuit, more than one-half of a century, in understanding True Love of the social psychiatrist, Dr. Thaworn Rathana-Nakintara, M.D. There is only one kind of is True Love. It is a discovery of what True Love really is.

Carswell "HR Manager's Guide To Independent Contractor In The Workplace"

By Daniel A. Lublin, David A. Whitten

Given the growing trend of hiring contract employees, especially through staffing agencies, a new "law for contractors" is developing. This comprehensive publication synthesizes the law and recent trends, in order for workplaces to deal with the legal issues that arise, for example: hiring contractors, payroll issues, administering the contractor/employer relationship, performance management, outsourcing contractors, hiring a third party administrator; dismissal issues; tax issues; dealing with government bodies and dealing with tribunals.

Hypnosis for Labor and Delivery

By Rodolfo J. Walss M.D.

Hypnosis for Labor and Delivery

Mommy, Where Do All the Bubbles Go?

By Janine Eterovich-Boynar

Why are all the bubbles flying away and where do they all go, this little girl wonders. In her big imagination, the bubbles that she blows are supposed to stay and play and not fly far away. Her Mother creates a fun and repetitive rhyming verse to help her understand that bubbles are free to fly wherever they want to go and so…Find out what she says next and see all the lovely summer blooms in this beautifully illustrated true story.

Musical Theatre: A Workbook

By David Henson and Kenneth Pickering

This unique workbook is your companion to Musical Theatre training, guiding you through the entire process of preparing material for performance. Blending practical advice with essential historical and theoretical information.

Those Mean Bugs Are Going to Get Me, Mommy!

By Janine Eterovich-Boynar

A little 3 year-old girl encounters summer bugs in her environment for the first time. Her imagination leads her to believe that the bugs are very mean and scary. Her mother uses a gentle and calm tone to help her understand that the bugs are not mean and scary but are nice and harmless. The summer bugs become the little girl's friends at the end. Beautiful illustrations are used throughout the story.

With Rose Colored Glasses Removed

By Brent J. Cutler

A view on Urban Life and Urban Education through the eyes of the Alternative High School students themselves.



By William Gartner

Mr. Gartner has written an environmental thriller. He knows his topic, having spent numerous years working in the environmental industry. Is the situation realistic? Absolutely! Despite decades of environmental regulations, pollutants continue to enter the ecosystem every day. Who knows how many species are extinct from the continual erosion of the environment? Despite years of research nobody knows for sure what types of mutations are taking place every day. Mr Gartner presents a fast paced environmental drama that realistically protrays the intertwined relationships between industry, consultants, government regulators, media and the public. Highly recommended!

Cultivating Agribusiness

By Mike Chilton and Bob Griffin

Cultivating Agribusiness: Discovering Global Opportunities In Pacific Northwest Specialty Production by Mike Chilton


Squinty, the Squirrel, a Pancake and the Moon

By Elizabeth C. Whitehouse

Squinty, the Squirrel, a Pancake and the Moon was inspired by the true life experiences of Squinty, a friendly squirrel with a taste for pancakes who lives in a tall tree in Sayville, New York. In this book, with some help from former planetarium director Elizabeth Whitehouse, Squinty will help children discover the moon and its phases.


Getting the Health Care You Deserve in America’s Broken Health Care System

By Lawrence W. Lazarus

This book will help you take full advantage of the ACA, reduce your medical costs, and find a physician. You will discover the value of having a health care advocate and obtaining a second opinion. You will learn how to best use complementary and alternative (non-traditional) treatments and how to choose a hospital and survive your stay there. You will learn how to win when an insurance claim is denied. If you are among the millions of currently uninsured Americans, you should know about the ACA and how it will provide health insurance to you.

One Minute Wellness: The Natural Health and Happiness System That Never Fails

By Greg Loman and Ben Lerner

What if someone promised you he could offer a system sure to produce better health and all-around wellness? And what if he further dared to say he could do this in just one minute a day? You'd say that person was crazy, right? But Dr. Ben Lerner has done just that. This best-selling author of Body by God is offering a ground-breaking approach to wellness while reorientating the way you look at life and health. And here's the bonus: it's actually two books in one. On the left-hand side of each page is a fictional tale (based in reality) of a chiropractor running a God-centered office, assisting patients who have been disappointed or left behind by the "traditional" health care system. On the other side are the explanations of the technology, lifestyle methods, treatments, and action steps that can take readers to wellness. Once considered "alternative" medicine, chiropractic treatment is now considered part of a balanced approach to health.

Prozac and Other Psychiatric Drugs: Everything You Need to Know

By Lewis A. Opler M.D., Ph.D. & Carol Bialkowski

This complete volume provides the information necessary to help recognize illness, obtain safe, effective medical treatment and evaluate more than 50 of the most commonly prescribed psyciatric drugs.

The Manual of Trigger Point and Myofascial Therapy

By Konstantine Rizopoulos and Dimitrios Kostopoulos

The Manual of Trigger Point and Myofascial Therapy offers the reader a comprehensive therapeutic approach for the evaluation and treatment of Myofascial pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. This user-friendly manual will serve as a quick reference for clinically relevant items that pertain to the identification and management of trigger points. The first section of the book covers the theory and current research regarding the Myofascial Trigger Point Syndrome. The research is the most current and up-to-date available on the pathogenesis of Myofascial dysfunction, clinical symptoms, physical findings as well as diagnostic criteria. Treatment methods and techniques are also covered in a comprehensive and step-by-step format. The second section includes the most important muscles that tend to have a higher incidence of the Myofascial involvement. Each muscle is supplemented by two pages of text and illustrations to better aid the student or clinician in an institutional or practicing setting. The muscle page contains a plethora of information for the reader including muscle origin, insertion, location of trigger points, referenced pain patterns, myofascial stretching exercises, positive stretch signs, and biomechanics of injury. Extensive full-color illustrations and pictures include treatment techniques, therapeutic interventions and patient home exercise programs. This innovative and concise new clinical reference guide is perfect for the student learning about the diagnosis and treatment of the Myofascial Trigger Point Syndrome or therapist interested learning or applying this successful and effective method of treatment.

Understanding the Mind of Your Bipolar Child

By Gregory T. Lombardo

Bipolar disorder has an impact not only on children’s mood and behavior but on the way they experience the world, and consequently on the way they think. The intensity with which a bipolar child perceives things can be the source of creativity and talent, but it can also be a source of confusion and disorganization. If parents can understand the effects of bipolar disorder on their child, they can help him or her to better navigate school, friendships, and family relationships. Dr. Lombardo provides comprehensive information on: Professional diagnosis, Developmental issues, Disorders that go hand-in-hand with bipolar, including ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder. Effective treatment – including psychotherapy and medication. Understanding the Mind of the Bipolar Child is essential reading for all parents who want to better understand their child and provide support every step of the way.

Working with Eating Disorders and Self Esteem

By Dr. Alex Yellowlees

Low self-esteem is associated with a wide range of psychological problems. However, it is eating disorders that the fundamental relationship between self-concept and dysfunctional behaviour is prominently displayed. Good self-esteem and self-confidence are essential in living a healthy, successful and satisfying life. This resource will show you how to develop an individualized self-esteem growth plan as part of a personal development program.


Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World

By David Brion Davis

In 1770, on the eve of the American Revolution, African American slavery was legal and almost unquestioned throughout the New World.

Silent Voices of World War II: When Sons of the Land of Enchantment Met Sons of the Land of the Rising Sun

By Bartlit, Nancy R.

In this analysis of the role of New Mexico in the conduct of WWII, Rogers and Bartlit examine the unique connections between New Mexico and Japan during the war. Coverage includes the difficulties between New Mexicans and Japanese when they came into contact, both in the Japanese internment camps in New Mexico and in military action overseas; the use of Navaho code talkers to protect U.S. radio transmissions from the Japanese; and the development of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos. Rogers taught communications at the U. of New Mexico; Bartlit holds a graduate degree in international communications from the U. of New Mexico, and has taught and studied in Japan.


Counseling Those With Eating Disorders (Resources for Christian Counseling)

By Raymond E. Vath M.D.

Dr. Vath, who is a Psychiatrist, approaches the counseling of eating disorders from the perspective of a strong, working faith in the principles of Christian teaching. He speaks from a position of having counseled over a hundred patients in their recovery from anorexia. His book also deals in a lesser extent with bulemia, especially as it sometimes may be an adjunct of the recovering anorexic.


Demons in the Smoke of the World Trade Center: The Invasion of Evil Spirits and the Blight of Islam

By Dr. John S. Waldrip, R. L. Hymers, Jr., James M. Inhofe

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world..." Ephesians 6:12 We are a people at war and have suffered a devastating blow. Dr. Hymers and Dr. Waldrip show clearly that the current battle is not only about principles and ideologies but is a spiritual war. THIS IS NOT A POLITICALLY CORRECT BOOK! Ultimate victory will be ours only when we confront the demonic forces in our society and our homes, as well as on foreign soil. "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day..." -Ephesians 6:13

Playing... For Real: Worlds Apart... Worlds the Same

By Bruce L. Barton

Reading the book will provide an experience in the emotions of a society's movement from peace to war, from goodness to evil, from war to peace, from evil to goodness, and, the cumulitive effect of the interaction of all these facets. It will be stimulating and enjoyable.


The Constitution That Never Was

By Ralph Boryszewski

"The Constitution That Never Was" explains: Under the British Adversarial legal system early Americans were brutalized by lawyers. The words lawyer, attorney, attorney general, ect., are not once found in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. By corruptive usurpations lawyers have been able to slip in and out of the cracks of the Constitution to become our masters. The consolidated judiciary of federal and state lawyers reconizes no bounds. With a simple decision with Eminent Domain, they as a legal team have turned the Constitution into an instrument of greed and terror. This book is intended to educate Americans to prevent tyranny.


By Ralph Boryszewski

The Founders often engaged in treason. To make sure nobody would ever be charge and convicted, limitations were placed in the Constitution to prevent enforcement. Since all officials have never been under a "constitutional" oath that commands obedience, nor a provision that would cover a broad and general meaning of the word treason, our Founders and those who followed have had unlimited opportunities to escape charges and punishment for many treasonous acts against the American people.


Beyond the Walls of Conflict

By David Wiess

Every day, the news is filled with stories of union/management disagreements, strikes, and ongoing labor negotiations. From professional sports and education to manufacturing and the service industries, unions and management regularly find themselves at the bargaining table engaged in attempts at conflict resolution. Beyond the Walls of Conflict is a roadmap for negotiators on both sides to apply the principles of alternative dispute resolution to the process of collective bargaining and offers a truly breakthrough method of solving problems between unions and management. Beyond the Walls of Conflict is a unique resource for problem solving that includes: A list of key success factors that are essential to creating labor/management peace; an exploration of the sensitive topic of trust and mistrust, and how trust can be built and destroyed.

Child Maltreatment: A Clinical Guide and Reference

By Angelo P. Giardino

Child Maltreatment A Clinical Guide and Photographic Reference, Third Edition is completely updated – the latest in the lineage of this essential desk side reference. New chapters and images make Child Maltreatment, Third Edition required reading for anyone who is involved in the identifying, interpreting, and reporting of child abuse cases – medical professionals, social workers, attorneys, law enforcement, and others. This two-volume set is unquestionably the most comprehensive available material on child maltreatment and abuse. Edited by two internationally recognized professionals, this thoroughly updated reference is designed to aid in the identification and interpretation of child maltreatment in its various forms. Child Maltreatment Two Volume Set presents specific professional, state, national, in international issues from a multidisciplinary perspective using terms known across professional lines to facilitate cooperation and collaboration transcending jargon and regional borders. Child Maltreatment A Clinical Guide includes critical new findings on subjects such as cultural aspects, federal funding opportunities, abuse within faith-based settings, DNA evidence, forensic evidence collection, giving expert testimony, and prosecutorial issues. This reference also includes updated information on the prevalence of child maltreatment and what prevention efforts can be taken to decrease the incidence of child maltreatment. The accompanying Child Maltreatment Photographic Reference provides vivid new photos and images to illustrate child neglect, tools and tips for photo documentation, and effective prevention efforts. This reference illustrates normal and abusive findings of the common, as well as the less common, presentations of child maltreatment.

Ergonomics Developing the 360 Degree Player

By Martin Bidzinski and Bryan R Beaver

A soccer match is an ever-changing environment. With every movement of teammates, opponents or the ball a new playing "problem" is created, demanding each player on and off the ball to formulate and carry out appropriate playing "solutions". Because most players rely almost exclusively on their dominant foot, their repertoire of solutions is obviously limited. Unfortunately, in many cases players are presented with training sessions that cater to their dominant side and their coaches rarely, if ever, train or even encourage the use of the weaker foot. In this book, Martin Bidzinski presents a training method that focuses on developing physically balanced players who are comfortable playing the ball with either foot to any direction of play, thus giving them the full 360 degree range of playing options.

Institutional Architecture

By Paul Silver and David Miles Ziskind

Presents an international range of outstanding institutional facilities—hospitals, jails, nursing homes, courts, government and community buildings—that are models of successful architecture and design. Floor plans, drawings and good quality color photographs illustrate the text.

Player Development For Possession Soccer

By Martin Bidzinski

This book offers coaches an idea of the kind of training needed to produce skillful, first ball game players. Through the use of choreographed cone formats, players develop the first touch skills, vision and awareness required to play Possession Soccer.

Smart First Touches: Developing The Skillful Player

By Martin W. Bidzinski

While the study of tactics and strategies in soccer is important in today`s game, the bedrock of the sport remains the skill of the players. Without skill, even the perfect tactical plan is useless. This book offers a proven method of developing ball skills, the first touch and two footed players. The repetition of the movements makes the skills almost automatic in actual game situations, allowing the player to play with his head up and focus on the tactical solution rather than controlling the ball at his feet. Focus is on developing skillful players who are able to perform on both sides of the body in match conditions.

Soccer Coaching Manual: The most effective use of space

By Martin W. Bidzinski

A comprehensive guide to first ball game soccer. Includes analysis and training diagrams.

The Soccer Coaching Handbook

By Martin W. Bidzinski

This book includes chapters on: The First Touch, Passing and Ball Control, Defending, Team Formations, Set Plays, Modern Attacking Skills, Possession Play, Team Shape, Finishing and Goalkeeping.

Trying Your First Case - A Practitioner’s Guide

By Philip N. Elbert (Contributing Author)

This “how-to” guide provides exceptional guidance and practical advice for lawyers preparing for their first trial, as well as attorneys who have tried numerous cases. Detailed examples offer insights on how to persuade jurors, prepare efficiently, and present evidence and arguments in a compelling manner.


30 Cent & A Prayer

By Gloria A. Harbin

30¢ and a Prayer provides a true account of the violent abuse - physically, verbally and emotional - Lavonia Harlow endured during her marriage of 2.5 years to her high school sweetheart and first love, Geno. Lavonia eventually developed the strength and courage to walk away from this turbulent marriage. She had only 30¢ in her purse - and a prayer in her heart - when she decided to leave, but she packed up and moved to Philadelphia to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Lavonia has never looked back! She has remained in Philadelphia for 36 years and during this time Lavonia has dedicated her entire life to God - and she has been immensely rewarded for her faithfulness! Lavonia was ordained as President of the Missionary Ministry in 1979. She was ordained as an Elder in 1994 of Ford Memorial Temple. On February 2, 2003, Lavonia was ordained as one of the Associate Pastors of Ford Memorial Temple. At the Next Generation Fellowship Ministries Conference in 2004, she was ordained as an Overseer. Her blessings do not stop there. Realizing her love for all of God's people, Lavonia returned to college and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology in 1995 from the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a B.S. in Business Education from North Georgia Vocational Technical College. Lavonia is also excited about becoming a first-time homeowner in 2007. What Lavonia is most proud of, however, is the number of souls she has been able to lead to God. Lavonia's consistency and strength through the power of prayer in her life has caused the land that surrounds her on a daily basis to be healed. Lavonia has worked the altar for many years so that others may be healed, delivered, set free, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, thus destroying the attacks of the enemy. Lavonia's testimony serves as a reminder that no matter what we are faced with in life and regardless of how bleak our situation appears... God can and He will deliver you!

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Out of Church

By John J. Schmitz

The Author's story, his journey, lived with some tears and with laughter. His story may provide some insight to help us understand what happened in the lives of those who left the active ministry of the Church in the 60’s and 70’s.

Calling Upon The Lord

By Dr. Harry E. Stanley, II

"Calling Upon the Lord" compels and inspires readers to strengthen their personal prayer life. This area is one aspect of Christian life that many believers seek more specific discipleship. In the book, author Harry Stanley writes that a purpose of prayer is to enjoy fellowship with God. This book offers answers to prayer questions for individuals in their walk with the Lord. Stanley also discusses scripture-centered prayer and cites specific examples of such. The book is broken down into 13 chapters. Each chapter discusses a specific topic then closes with "Questions to Ponder" and "The Commitment Prayer." Dr. Harry Stanley II felt the call to preach God's Word at the age of 16. He graduated from Bible college with and Evangelism major and a minor in Biblical languages. After finishing his masters degree, the Lord directed him to complete his doctorate at Pensacola Christian College. He has taught the Bible at both Bible college and Seminary graduate levels. Be sure to check out his first book, "Galatians Liberated for Christian Living."

Coming Out of the Ashes

By Russell Witcher

Coming Out of the Ashes is a story of how a former teacher assistant transitioned from a place of despair and disdain to triumph and victory.

Desire Came upon that One in the Beginning...: Creation Hymns of the Rig Veda

By Barbara Mikolajewska

The Creation Hymn Nasadiya of the Rig Veda connects the creation of the universe with desire.

Fallen, but Not Forgotten

By Frances D. Munson

Fallen, but Not Forgotten is a story of a woman who had strayed about as far from a Christian lifestyle as a person could get, but through God's grace and sometimes God's firm hand, she is now using her story to show others that no one is beneath God's grace and love. This book is an illustration of the fact that God is not only the Almighty and the Creator of the Heaven s and the Earth, but also our Father. He will treat us as a good Father should, gently loving us when appropriate and disciplining us when we need it. His willingness to shake her world is what turned her life of mistakes into what is now her life's mission--to show the world that there is NO mistake too bad, NO place beneath His Love or Mercy.

Fear Is Never Our Friend

By Gary L Richardson

You don't have to forsake your dreams, talents, and heart's desires because of fear! Stop allowing its destructive power to rule your life. You can become fearless when you know how to apply the powerful secrets and proven principles in Scripture that enable you to exercise your God-given faith in any situation.

Satisfaction of the Soul

By Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. McCullough

When looking at the condition of our world, it's not difficult to notice that people are seriously deficient of a genuine display of love. Because of that, people are often compelled to try and find love by drastic means. Many people try to satisfy themselves with illicit sex, drugs, fame, fortune, and power to fill that void. Their search unfortunately leads them down a spiraling path to even greater feelings of emptiness, rendering the whole quest hopeless. Although it may sound supercilious, there is only One who holds the exclusive rights to bring satisfaction to your soul---Jesus Christ.

Seven Days in Creation

By Dr. Terrill Talton

About understanding God's timing. He has set a calendar, a clock, and other signs that reveal his plan for man. Who changed the calendar? Who changed the start of the day? What does the Sabbath really mean?

Symbols of Faith and the Miracles of God

By Keith G. Allen

Symbols of Faith and the Miracles of God is a step-by-step guide to help individuals recognize everyday symbols. The reader will recognize the symbols that God is revealing to affect his or her miracle. Keith G. Allen has used illustrative symbols from the old and new testaments to teach the lesson of recognition of symbols.

The Adventures of Kirby the Making of a Warrior

By Jennifer Rhodes

Come join Kirby a small cricket on a quest to find the Armor of GOD. Learn valuable lessons of faith building by transforming your babe into a mature warrior by joining the army of Adonai our GOD, who seeks to expand his kingdom through those who will accept him. March through his kingdom an olive grove that points the way to his son who has been seen displaying the armor that Kirby is searching for! Get ready to receive honor as kings from the one true king in an adventure sure to enrich your child’s life, while they meet certain watchmen portrayed as lovable woodland characters who live in the kingdom. Sound the alarm! With the preparation of the gospel of peace as they move forward and are encouraged to dance in worship with the butterflies in a victorious procession. Acquire the belt of truth that displays and teaches the weapons of warfare to overcome any gloomy circumstance. Display the breastplate of righteousness as they overcome evil by making good choices by drawing a line and learning to stand firm behind the shield of faith. Rejoice with your child as they surrender their soul and receive the helmet of salvation; the crown of a king who has received honor by learning to wield the sword of the spirit as one who is fully armed and ready for battle!

The Other Side of This

By Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. McCullough

The Other Side of This presents a challenging view of the balance of life that is seen in the life of a Christian. Pastor Jackie McCullough presents a compelling case for God's ultimate plan for our life and how to see purpose through every struggle. Enhanced with integrated questions, this book will provide guidance in understanding how life's struggles lead to life's greatest blessings.

Self Help

Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dream

By Aleta St. James

Aleta St. James has spent the past twenty-five years as an emotional healer and life coach developing a system for creating deep and dramatic life changes with lasting results. In Life Shift, she shares the secret of how to bring enormous success and deep satisfaction into your life.


A Fire in the Mind

By Stephen Larsen, Robin Larsen

Joesph Campbell forged an approach to the study of myth and legend that made ancient traditions and beliefs immediate, relevant and universal. His work as a teacher and author, and his immensely popular interviews with Bill Moyers, made him an icon to those who look to the ancient understanding embodied in myth for guidance in their encounter with the great mysteries of existence: birth, growth, the development of the soul, and death. His lifelong interest in the subject began with a boyhood fascination for American Indian mythology and continued through his undergraduage career at Columbia, his exposure to the 1920s avant-garde movements in Germany and Paris, and his 38 years of teaching at Sarah Lawrence. The interaction of influence between Campbell and the leading intellectual, artistic and spiritual leaders of the 20th century included figures such as Jiddu Krishnamurti, Adelle Davis, John Steinbeck, Heinrich Zimmer, Maya Deren, Carl Jung, Robert Bly, and George Lucas, to name only a few.


Interfacial Forces in Aqueous Media, Second Edition

By Carel J. van Oss

Interfacial Forces in Aqueous Media examines the role of polar interfacial and noncovalent interactions among biological and nonbiological macromolecules as well as biopolymers, particles, surfaces, cells, and both polar and apolar polymers. The new edition includes four previously unpublished chapters on interfacial properties and structure of liquid water; new material throughout the text on the interplay between macroscopic-scale repulsions and microscopic-scale attractions in protein adsorption; and new chapters covering interfacial tension determination and examining the kinetics and energetics of protein adsorption onto metal oxide surfaces.

The Properties of Water and their Role in Colloidal and Biological Systems, Volume 16 (Interface Science and Technology)

By Carel Jan van Oss

This book treats the different current as well as unusual and hitherto often unstudied physico-chemical and surface-thermodynamic properties of water that govern all polar interactions occurring in it. These properties include the hyper-hydrophobicity of the water-air interface, the cluster formation of water molecules in the liquid state and the concomitant variability of the ratio of the electron-accepticity to electron-donicity of liquid water as a function of temperature, T. The increase of that ratio with T is the cause of the increase in hydration repulsion ("hydration pressure") between polar surfaces upon heating, when they are immersed in water. The book also treats the surface properties of apolar and polar molecules, polymers, particles and cells, as well as their mutual interaction energies, when immersed in water, under the influence of the three prevailing non-covalent forces, i.e., Lewis acid-base (AB), Lifshitz-van der Waals (LW) and electrical double layer (EL) interactions. The polar AB interactions, be they attractive or repulsive, typically represent up to 90% of the total interaction energies occurring in water. Thus the addition of AB energies to the LW + EL energies of the classical DLVO theory of energy vs. distance analysis makes this powerful tool (the Extended DLVO theory) applicable to the quantitative study of the stability of particle suspensions in water. The influence of AB forces on the interfacial tension between water and other condensed-phase materials is stressed and serves, inter alia, to explain, measure and calculate the driving force of the hydrophobic attraction between such materials (the "hydrophobic effect"), when immersed in water. These phenomena, which are typical for liquid water, influence all polar interactions that take place in it. All of these are treated from the viewpoint of the properties of liquid water itself, including the properties of advancing freezing fronts and the surface properties of ice at 0o C.

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