Dr. Sumathi Paturu has been honored by the Global Directory of Who's Who as a Top Healthcare Professional

Birmingham, AL  - Dr. Sumathi Paturu has been honored by the Global Directory of Who's Who as a Top  Healthcare Professional for outstanding contributions and achievements in OBGYN.


About Dr. Sumathi Paturu


Dr. Sumathi Paturu, B.Sc, MBBS, MD, earned her MBBS in 1976 and completed her internship in 1977 at Guntur Medical College and govt General hospital of Andhra Pradesh ( AP ), south India. She completed her post-graduation in Ob / Gyn ( MD ) in 1981 at Rangaraya Medical College, AP,  south India. She finished her Family Medicine residency in 1997 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham ( UAB ). She practiced ob / gyn and family medicine in the past and presently working on medical and non medical inventions, many of them patented, and can be only considered as world's number one in their class. The concluding patents of the earlier ones will be done in the next few months and the next one or two years. The noteworthy among the medical patents are - medical and surgical treatment for Intrauterine fetal growth restriction, patented and published in USPTO ( United States Patent and Trademark Office ) web site in 2017, the concluding continuation-in-part (CIP ) of which will be done this year ;  the scheduling, filing and tracking system for cervical cancer ( the  Pap smear ), and also for the breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. Her notable non-medical inventions are  -  ' Emergency salvage of a crumbled ( blown-out ) Oceanic Oil well' ;  'Emergency Fire-Escape Devices of the Off-shore Rigs with Emphasis on a Detachable Island Rig' ;  and 'Subsea Level Diversion of a Gas Entrainment with Emergency Measures Upon a Well Blow-out'. Dr. Sumathi Paturu had been named 'Top Family Doctors of America' for the years 2010, 2014, 2015, and 2016 and she was named 'Top Physicians of America' for the years 2017 and 2018, by the 'Consumer Research Council of America'. She was also a Life member of the National Registry of Who's Who for the year 1999. Dr. Paturu has notable experience in patent law in the form of patent writing, patent drawing, and patent prosecution before the USPTO and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ( PTAB ) of USPTO, as also before the World Intellectual Property Office ( WIPO ). Her extra-curricular activities include -  drawing, painting, reading & writing poetry, and interior decoration. She has won first prizes in English essay competition, short story competition, as also in drawing and painting competitions during pre-medical and medical school years. Her ambitions yet to be accomplished are -  to become a published English novelist and an epic poet in the coming years. She is an unique blend of art and science ( medicine and non-medicine ) in the most passionate form. She dedicates her works to her parents, and to her teachers from all walks of medical and non-medical sciences, and to those fire victims and fire-fighters  who put others' lives ahead of their own.


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Member Biography: Sumathi Paturu, BSC, MBBS, MD, OBGYN

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