Lynn Street has been honored as Featured Biography by the Global Who's Who

Brentwood, CA - Lynn Street has been honored as Featured Biography by the Global Who's Who for outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of Education.

About Lynn Street

Lynn Street was born in Livermore, California. She earned a B.S. in Animal Sciences at California Polytechnic State University. While working at a private school she saw smart kids who worked extremely hard, but still failed compared to their peers.  It gave her the desire to not only know why but how to help them. This desire grew stronger after her youngest son was diagnosed with a learning difference. She took the Slingerland training and learned about dyslexia, which helped her to recognize her child in the description of the dyslexic individual. Through Susan Barton, an internationally known expert on dyslexia and AD/HD, she became exposed to the Barton teaching method and used it with her son. In 6 months, he experienced tremendous growth in his ability to read, write, and spell as shown on his SAT scores and classroom grades. She began working with other students using the Barton method and continued studying full time, which resulted in BA degrees in Education, Early Childhood Development, and Professional Studies. She is currently a Dyslexia Specialist at Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic in California. working with students, specifically students with Specific Learning Disability, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia.  She teaches individuals (PreK thru adult) with reading and spelling challenges using the Barton Reading and Spelling System. She reviews student education files, checks IEP goals to make sure they are specific, measurable, use action words, are realistic and time-limited.  Lynn guides parents in advocating for their child's needs.  She is a member of COPAA -Council of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates, CHADD, LDA, Parents Helping Parents, IDA and Decoding Dyslexia California.  In her free time, she enjoys reading and knitting. Lynn has been quoted as saying "Given The Right Tools, Anyone Can Succeed"


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Member Biography: Lynn Street

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