Mark "T.C." Bounds has been honored as a VIP by the Global Directory of Who's Who

Colorado Springs, CO - Mark "T.C." Bounds has been honored as a VIP by the Global Directory of Who's Who for outstanding contributions and achievements in Publishing.

About Mark "T.C." Bounds

Mark "T.C." Bounds was born in El Paso, Texas. He graduated High School in Cushing, Oklahoma in May of 1979 and joined the U.S. Navy October of the same year. He lived in Italy as a child, Sicily as a young adult, and Spain in his 30's. He is an Author and has published extensively in Poetry Anthologies, newspapers, and has been featured in VFW, Poets & Writer’s, Rattle Poetry, and Paperclips magazines. He will also be the cover story for  Tykes Magazine (Nov. 2019). In the 90’s, He published  a  poetry chapbook called "Pieces of a Dream”. He self published three separate volumes of Poetry titled “Record of Poems “ in 2017. He has been nominated as a Chartered  Member of the International  Society of Poets in 1984 and was a Quality Finalist for the Editor Preference Award in 1991, in 2020 he received the Edgar  Allen  Poe Award, Diamond Award, the Legacy Award of Honor and named Man of the Year. He was named Editor's Choice from the National Library of Poetry, from 1989-1990. Recently, Mark was included in the 2019 Who’s Who book of professionals as an author and received sponsorship. Mark is retired from the Navy, E-5 and is a Desert Storm Veteran. He is a  lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled  American Veterans. He is a founding sponsor for  The National Desert Storm War Memorial and the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, riding his Harley Davidson, listening to music, and traveling.


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