Professionals of the Year for 2017

Those Who Deserve Special Recognition For Their Achievements

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Member NameIndustry
Alexander, J. MichaelLegal services
Anderson, Robert, Q.C.Legal services
Anderson, Wolfgang, Esq.Legal Services
August, Jerald DavidLegal services
Bacher, JoelLegal services
Ballitch, II, Harold, MD, FAAO, FACSHealthcare
Balsam, RichardHealthcare/Internal Medicine
Brockway, Jr., Donald, Esq.Legal services
Caniglia, RoseEducation
Carroll, RichardLegal services
Chambers, Gary, Esq.Legal services
Chilton, MichaelAgriculture
Ciancio, CynthiaLegal services
Cifrodello, Christopher, Esq.Legal services
Clark, PatriciaHealth Services
Colangelo, JosephLegal services
Coric, Drzislav, Esq.Legal services
D' Angelo, Robert, PA-CHealthcare
De Sola, IreneLegal services
Dils, JanLegal services
Drury, Lance, Esq.Legal Services
Dyer Hastings, Andrea, Esq.Legal services
Fine Moro, Laura, Esq.Legal services
Gerson, Raquel, M.D.Healthcare
Girardi, Thomas, Esq.Legal services
Gresham, JohnLegal services
Guilherme Gomes Primos, LuizLegal services
Habush, RobertLegal services
Hamilton, JoelLegal Services
Hannigan, BessHealthcare
Hargrove, GaryHealthcare
Haskell, Wyatt, Esq.Legal Services
Henry, SuEllenEducation
Hitch, NeilGovernment
Holm, Alvin, AIAArchitecture
Hope, John, Q.C.Legal services
Johnson, WilliamLegal services
Johnston, William, MD, FAAPHealthcare
Jones, Anne-Marie, MD, FACOGHealthcare
Kelly, F. DulinLegal services
Kennedy, ChristopherLegal services
Kennedy, Michael JeromeLegal services
Koblenzer, Caroline, M.D.Healthcare
Kolman, Timothy, Esq.Legal services
Kustell, Carl, Esq.Legal services
Lamarre, StéphaneLegal services
Lang, Carol, D.O.Healthcare
Langdon Timmons, JohnLegal services
Maciel-Matos, E.
Mann, AntoinetteGeology
McSweeney, James, M.D.Healthcare
Miskin, MurrayLegal services
Morgan, Craig, MD, FAAOSHealthcare
Morganroth, Mayer, Esq.Legal services
Nazareth, Ivor, M.D.Healthcare
Newsome, James, M.D.Healthcare/Pathology
Patino, Ralph, Esq.Legal services
Pitre, FrankLegal services
Reavely, Thomas, Esq.Legal services
Rice, StaceyLegal service
Rodgers, ThomasReligion
Roman, Robin, M.D.Healthcare
Rowe, Kevin, Esq.Legal Services
Rudnick, Joshua, Esq.Legal services
Santiago, Maria, M.D.Healthcare
Sanzone, Joseph, Esq.Legal services
Schaner, Dean, Esq.Legal services
Sibbernsen, E. TerryLegal services
Stavros, AlfredLegal services
Stoneburner, LewisLegal Services
Tatum, Stephen, Esq.Legal services
Teakell, JohnLegal services
Trent, Dennis, Ph.D.Healthcare
Verna, MichaelLegal services
Wagner, DouglasTelecommunications
Weiss, Ronald, M.D.Education
Wells, Marc, Esq.Legal services
Woullard, Sr., Mia ChelPublic Order & Protection