Professionals of the Year for 2018

Those Who Deserve Special Recognition For Their Achievements

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Member NameIndustry
Binstock, Bob, Esq.Legal services
Carbone, Anthony, Esq.Legal services
Colangelo, JosephLegal services
Cook, GayPublishing
Gerson, Raquel, M.D.Healthcare
Gundrum, EdwardRetail
Hargrove, GaryHealthcare
Henry, SuEllenEducation
Kustell, Carl, Esq.Legal services
Mann, AntoinetteGeology
Nazareth, Ivor, M.D.Healthcare
Rodgers, Diane, Senior BSASupermarket Retailer
Ruppert, Elizabeth, M.D.Healthcare
Santiago, Maria, M.D.Healthcare
Sanzone, Joseph, Esq.Legal services
Wells, Marc, Esq.Legal services
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