Professionals of the Year for 2020

Those Who Deserve Special Recognition For Their Achievements

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Member NameIndustry
Akullian, Judith, LCSW, Ph.D.Health Services
Alaniz, DeannaOil and Gas
Alford Hall, MissyInformation Technology
Allen, Lawrence, M.D.Health Services
Alva, Alejandro, M.D.Health Services
Baker, Terrance, MD, MS, FAAEPHealth Services
Beam, Jack, Esq.Legal services
Berube, DavidElectric
Bista, Amar, M.D.Health Services
Bounds, MarkPublishing
Brandstater, Murray, M.D., Ph.D.Health Services
Bryant, RooseveltEducation
Bunting, KathyEducation/Music
Cain, Linda, CFPFinancial
Chalisa, Nuzhat, M.D.Health Services
Clark, PatriciaHealth Services
Cooper, Rubin, M.D.Health Services
deGraft-Johnson, John, MD, FACSHealth Services
Dils, JanLegal services
Dimick, Alan, M.D.Health Services
Dion, Matthew, Esq.Legal services
Dwin, Harold, Esq.Legal services
Evans, NeilLegal services
Garcia, Jr., Laureano, MD, FAAFPHealth Services
Gerson, Raquel, M.D.Health Services
Goodman, BarryLegal services
Gucciardo, ReneeLegal services
Hennum, SandySocial Services
Hitch, NeilGovernment
Holmes, Douglas, MD, FACSHealth Services
Hovde, Frederick, Esq.Legal services
Iracki, Daniel, Esq.Legal Services
Jalil, Khalid, MD, MPH, FACGHealth Services
Kennedy, ChristopherLegal services
Klein, David, Esq.Legal services
Klingeisen, RichardHealth Services
Kuhlengel, Keith, MD, FAANS, FACSHealth Services
Leventhal, Robert, MD, FACP, AGAFHealth Services
Maestas, RonaldEducation
McDougall, II, J. Olin, Esq.Legal services
Meyer, Monica, MD, FAAFP, ABIHMHealth Services
Mikhasko, OlgaHealth Services
Muhammad, WendyHealth Services
Nazeer, Abid, M.D.Health Services
Nevarez, Cristina, M.D.Health Services
Pelaia, Jr., Ralph, Esq.Legal services
Pujol, Francisco, Esq.Legal services
Purcell, NikkiMoving and Storage
Rivera-Segarra, Stephanie, M.D.Health Services
Robertson, BryanConstruction
Rodgers, Diane, Senior BSASupermarket Retailer
Rodgers, ThomasReligion
Rosen, Jonathan, CEOReal Estate
Rowe, Kevin, Esq.Legal Services
Salinas, MarcHealth Services
Shivitz, Ira, M.D.Health Services
Simmons-O'Brien, Eva, MD, FAADHealth Services
Smith, StanleyConsulting
Spang, SaraResearch; Real Estate
Stine, Mark, D.O., FACOIHealth Services
Street, LynnEducation
Tewell, RichardArt
Titus, VictorLegal services
Toussaint, Paul, MD, FAAPHealth Services
Tse, Albert, M.D.Health Services
Vining, ValerieBusiness services
Whitman, Jr., Richard, M.D.Health Services
Zieker, Allen, MD, FAAOHealth Services
Zimm, A. Joshua, MD, FACSHealth Services