Professionals of the Year for 2019

Those Who Deserve Special Recognition For Their Achievements

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Member NameIndustry
Alford Hall, MissyInformation Technology
Alva, Alejandro, M.D.Healthcare
Anderson, C. WesleyReal Estate
Beam, Jack, Esq.Legal services
Bering, ValerieBusiness services
Clark, PatriciaHealth Services
Cohen, EdwardConsulting
Cooper, Rubin, M.D.Healthcare
Dils, JanLegal services
Dwin, Harold, Esq.Legal services
Edwards, Samuel, Esq.Legal services
Evans, NeilLegal services
Gerson, Raquel, M.D.Healthcare
Goodman, BarryLegal services
Gucciardo, ReneeLegal services
Hamilton, JoelLegal Services
Hennum, SandySocial Services
Hitch, NeilGovernment
Hovde, Frederick, Esq.Legal services
Jessen, KevinOil and Gas Extraction
Kastl, Kristina, J.D.Legal services
Kiehnle, Robert, CFOFinancial
Klingeisen, RichardHealthcare
Koblenzer, Caroline, M.D.Healthcare
Kohls, Patricia, MD, FACOGHealthcare
Kolman, Timothy, Esq.Legal services
Lamarre, St├ęphaneLegal services
Lopez, David, M.D., FAAOSHealthcare
McDougall, II, J. Olin, Esq.Legal services
Miskin, MurrayLegal services
Morganroth, Jeffrey, Esq.Legal services
Morganroth, Mayer, Esq.Legal services
Muhammad, WendyHealthcare
Norton, GlenLegal services
Pelaia, Jr., Ralph, Esq.Legal services
Reay, William, Ph.D.Healthcare
Rentschler, JudithLegal services
Rodriguez Cay, Jose, M.D.Healthcare
Shaw, BenScience and Engineering
Tabat, Gary, Esq.Legal services
Tam, ClementAerospace Aviation
Titus, VictorLegal services
Warwick, DionneEntertainment
Wolven, WinifredEducation